Thoth and Mer-ka-ba

Thoth was the keeper of knowledge for the ancients. He was very active in the time of Atlantis, Egyptian dynasties and the Classic Greek kingdoms. It is said that Thoth acquired his great knowledge during his time in Atlantis, where he ruled as King for many years. He carried this knowledge throughout his time in Egypt. The Greeks knew him as Hermes.

The Mer-ka-ba energy work knowledge is often given to people who can bring this out to the wider world. Often this knowledge is passed down through Thoth, or his disciples. Continue reading Thoth and Mer-ka-ba

2017: Ramping up the energy!

2017 is only eighteen days old, not even into the new Chinese year (Jan 28th) and it already feels different to me. There has been more movement of energy around me, some of the old things that I felt shifting last year but still stayed with me in a loose form, appear to have now completely gone.

Connecting in with Dragon energy has been easier than any time before, and I say this a Dragon Star healer! Continue reading 2017: Ramping up the energy!

Happy Solstice: Death and Rebirth of the Sun

Well, the nights are drawing in, under eight hours of daylight each day. We are approaching the turning point, where the daylight periods start to get longer again.

The ancients used to believe that this was a powerful and albeit unlucky time of year approaching! This, as sun-worshiping people (not the tabloid newspaper!) , the approaching solstice marked the point where the sun was at its weakest, the annual ‘death’ of the sun. Certain rituals had to be performed to keep the gods happy at this time or panic might take over the kingdoms. So, a bit like Black Friday then, perhaps ^-^ ? Continue reading Happy Solstice: Death and Rebirth of the Sun

Love is an action, not just a feeling

Love, love, love! I’ve blogged before on love (especially on Holistic Transformation), how there are at least six different types of love (according to the Greeks). One thing I’ve noticed in recent months, is the importance of action and inaction. There are times for action and times for inaction. Now seems a time for action.

I’ve read so many things in the past month that seem to suggest that just sending out a loving vibe is the answer to our prayers. I feel it is part of the answer, but the reason for our physical existence on the Earth is to have a physical presence. So our physical presence needs to match the loving vibes in out heart and mind/prayer fields. Continue reading Love is an action, not just a feeling

ICYMI: Grounding your energy is important

Just a quick reminder, folks. We are receiving a lot of energy and information at the moment. Most of it is good, most of it is required for the days and months ahead. As we move more towards integrating 5D energy along with 3D, remember to ground the energy into yourself. Take time out to breathe it in, hold it in the solar plexus, the sacral, the heart. Let it flow to the pineal gland. Let it become part of your great structure. Once it is held, it will flow within you. Continue reading ICYMI: Grounding your energy is important

Energy Update: Global Shadow Challenge

Don’t fall for the traps of the divide and conquer politics, of the false ‘I AM’. We are all being tested right now. Unifying now will help us accept and work through, and then with our shadow selves.

The energy around today has been quite surreal. Of course it’s election time in the Gool ol’ US of A, but something else has been going on. Something more than a decision over who goes in the White House; Trump or Clinton. The energy has been strange and I am told this is part of the Global Shadow Challenge that has been set for this year. Continue reading Energy Update: Global Shadow Challenge

Latest Energy Upgrades (Egypt/Sirius)

Have you been aware of a different vibe in the past few weeks? Getting less drawn in to the TV debates and general doom and gloom of the media? Instead of apathy, you are feeling very optimistic – even without any proof things are getting better?  You might just have been ‘upgraded’!

The vibration field, the frequency of all things is rising (see Schumann frequency) and the sensitive beings are the ones that are feeling it most. 2016 may have been quite difficult for you, I know it has for me, but that has been allowing great healings, great lessening of karmic ties and attachments, allowing new energies to come in. Continue reading Latest Energy Upgrades (Egypt/Sirius)

Showing Vulnerability Can Be A Good thing- At The Right Time

Firstly, I’m very grateful to my client who has allowed me to share this, what came up in the session wasn’t just a message for her (or me).

Recently, during a Ka Ba Sum treatment, my client started shaking and crying, I knew it was something big that they were releasing. They cried for the rest of the treatment and also during the feedback session afterwards. “You made me cry” ,she said. I instinctively relied by saying “sorry, I guess that’s what was meant to happen today”. Her response sent a shiver down my spine. “I have not allowed myself to cry since my husband left me, almost ten years ago”. Ten years of not allowing yourself to cry. We explored this and she said it was because she had to be so strong for her child. An admirable position to take. The consequence of this has come out in her personal life and manifested as physical illness inside her.

Now, whether you believe in mediumship, psychic ability, angels or that these are ‘just’ thoughts, the message I received is the one I really want to share:

“It is okay to cry, it is not a sign of weakness. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, it is a strength. It is real. Learn to love it, learn to accept it. Learn not to fear it”

If you choose to ignore your own truth, your own feelings, you can block your own happiness. Everything you do to run away from your own feelings can take you further away from happiness and closer to finding things to make you feel less bitter about things instead. The illusion of making yourself happy whilst hiding from an underlying sadness or bitter regret can be harmful to yourself and those that you love. We can turn this around.

Over generations, bitter people have raised children that learn to be bitter, knowing not how to find that sense of real happiness and unconditional love. We (humans) have raised children to unlearn that sense of “I am….”, “I LOVE this” I hate this, to cry when unhappy, to laugh for no apparent reason, to sing, to dance for the sure hell of it. We teach unconsciously, to bury your feelings deep down inside. As a child, notice how they pull faces when they don’t like something. In Britain, social etiquette and more importantly social pressures mean we generally remain polite putting up with something that doesn’t really agree with us, is not best for us, even though we probably really want to shout “f**k” at the provider or such a disagreeable provision. We’ve just accepted all of this control, given up so much power- to be polite and agreeable.

Sometimes I think that your awakening is all about waking up to being a child again. I know it’s not that simple, but to remember what it was like to be unafraid, to want to inquire is empowering.

The parent that never shows self-weakness or vulnerability and criticises others for being ‘weak’ or ‘losers’ to their children is likely to raise a child that either never knows when to stop, criticises others too or an adult who doesn’t understand why they are not so perfect, not so strong, why they are weak/a loser. Of course, the former does give the sense of believing in yourself, which can be a good thing. The latter can create a seemingly never-ending prophecy of endless self-doubt.

Due to changes in our approach to counselling/coaching, we are at a time where more and more people are questioning the latter and working through it. I think the reason why this is so, is in this modern “winner takes all/survival of the fittest” society, having feelings are seen as soft, mushy, wishy washy weakling that just need to toughen up. We don’t have to think like this. Strength comes in many forms. Sometimes the strongest thing to do is to just be your true self…

You are unique, you are amazing. You are not bullet proof, you are not a machine. And that is being real and loving- and completely you. Embrace and love it ❤

Injoy, inlight and inlove


Bring back your power!

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