The Ka Ba Sum Ennead

The Ka Ba Sum Ennead (The Nine)

The nine Egyptian gods (messengers and higher beings) are as follows:

Ra– representing the source (Egyptian Sun), point of origin, Divine balanced Spiritual Power

Thoth– representing wisdom and knowledge. Thoth is the great teacher and keeps many initiates, helping them learn what is felt important for them to know.

Anpu– representing divine and physical protection and masculine power

Is’et– representing the divine feminine, the healer, the matriarch and the mastery of HE-KA (magic).

Osiris – represents the divine masculine, the healer and patriarch.

Hathor – represents Love, healing by the many aspects to love of the self and all, romantic love, fertility and motherhood/sisterhood.

Sekhmet– represents the pure fire of will, healing through action, karma, personal power.

Heru- represents the earthly soul. The innocence of humanity and the connection with our wonderful planet.

Sobek– represents the deep mystery and the initiates in the divine mystery- the unknown. Sobek is the one you swim with in the dark, helping with confidence, vitality and purity.

The KBS Pantheon

The Pantheon consists of the ennead housed by four great pillars, represented by Set, Nephthys

The Pillars also represent the four main directional/spiritual elements and states of life – life, death, order and chaos.

Life- Ptah

Death- Nephthys

Order- Ma’at

Chaos- Set(h)


This week sees the predicted Sothis alignment, where the Sun and Sirius are aligned for a few days, marking the run-up to the annual heliacal rising of Sothis in August.

The 11th August marks the closure of the 8/8 Lion’s Gate(way) portal that links Lions (and Sothis) together in a remarkable energy portal for upgrading your vibrational energy fields. This is also a time of new knowledge and understandings being passed down from higher beings. This time of Sothis starts from 3-7 July 2021, raises on 19-20 July and completes on 11 August 2021 (so, I understand).

Egypt’s connection with Sothis was very strong as it was an important marker in the calendar and the heliacal rising marked the time of innundation from IV Shemu Mesore to the intercalary month days to finally I Ahket Thoth- which is estimated to start on the 29th August.

Both Ise’t (Isis) and Anpu (Anubis) are the two main energy magicians (HE-KA) at this time, whilst Sobek and Thoth are providing cosmik understanding and mental clarity (I must write more on Sobek).

This cycle will increase your spiritual flow and understanding or accelerate your healing (dependant on you needs over wants) so it is a good time to be receptive and open to the energies of the Sothis alliance portal and upcoming Lion’s Gate(way) portals.

Meditation, receptiveness, crystal communications, scrying and psychic channelling are great ways to access this information/energy.

And so it is!


I’ve been doing this meditation for some time and it is one of the opening items of the Ka Ba Sum Practitioner course, to open up the practitioner to the energies of Ra and the Pantheon of Ka Ba Sum.

Now available on youtube!

What is happening to Ka Ba Sum (Update)

I’ve been very quiet here on, only updating the facebook page from time to time. I went through an extremely traumatic time from 2018 through most of 2019 and needed to step away from healing for a number of reasons.

I have returned to a better space now, feeling more in-tune with the energy and having a little more understanding of that energy.

I feel like as my connection with the Ka Ba Sum is changing, so will the format of the treatments and the information that I will be sharing. I hope to be in a position to update with more very soon.

Injoy, inlight and inlove


What Is Ka Ba Sum in under five minutes [Video]

Here’s me latest video on youtube- What is Ka Ba Sum Inter-Dimensional Healing -in under five minutes.

SA-KA-RA: The flame of life

SA – KA – RA

Sometimes you have to visit something again to find out what it represents to you, without being told what it is, you get to connect in with it. This is something that has happened to me in the last 12 months with the SA-KA-RA energy.

My Background with the energy

I was introduced to SA-KA-RA as Sakara, an element of Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem from my TM Master Teacher.  I was instantly impressed with how that energy flowed as part of that system. It felt different to the other elements. All that changed in late 2015, however, as I found myself disconnecting with Ter Mai and having my attunements tweaked to re-connect with Reiki and separate my Ka Ba Sum energy from Seichem. My connection felt strongly of Japanese and not Egyptian descent.  I felt my connection with Sakara disappear at that time.

What SA-KA-RA means

My initiation into Sakara energy as part of a system of healing never mentioned what the name stood for. I had no idea. A quick google said it was about fortune and manifesting. The thing was that it was fire energy, which felt for about transmuting, burning through to make changes real. I just accepted it as it was presented.

In Egyptian times,

  • SA meant the first breath outward, or start of life, consciousness
  • KA meant your double, the life force, or the inner power of the light.
  • RA was of course,  was the primary name of the sun god of Ancient Egypt. He (also known as Re) was considered to be the King of the Gods and thus the patron of the pharaoh and one of the central gods of the Egyptian pantheon. He was described as the creator of everything at certain times (other times it was Atum, or Atum Ra)

SA-KA-RA roughly equates to RA’s life force or power breath. The Breath of Ra is one based in fire, in his manifestation as the Sun, Sun God or holy flame. He brings the light which hold the sacred fire. It is his flame that this relates to.

Note: The reason why I break words like Merkaba and Sakara down to their sound patterns is two fold; One, to honour the meanings behind them as relating to Egyptian Heritage and two, the power of the name is restored when spoken in Ren form. Ren form is following the power of the vibration, the form and power that is held by sacred speech.  Saying it with the slight delay gives more attention to it, than saying ‘Merk-u-bah’ or ‘Sack-ah-ruh’, etc. That’s just my opinion…

Reconnection to the Sacred Flame of Life

I have to be honest I was expecting Lions when this came through me during healing sessions, where I was getting very, very hot and hearing “Sa-Ka-Ra” over and over in my head. I guessed it was associated with Sekhmet. Well, I guess it kinda is, but not in a direct sense.

The energy directly relating to Ra from SA-KA-RA is from Dragons. I shouldn’t have been surprised since I have been working with Dragon energy for a few years now, but still.
Dragons? In Egypt? Really? you may ask, but there is evidence that the  Egyptians worked with Dragons and that they played a part in life with Ra himself.

Thoth showed me the SA-KA-RA as a thin long Fire Dragon Dragon, carrying the Eye of Ra. There is more than meets the eye to this wondrous energy.

To reconnect with SA-KA-RA energy, there are going to be different ways from this one. This one, however is the way I was shown:

(Warning: This can be a hot or uncomfortable experience, whilst things are shifting through, it will usually pass though in no time!)

  1. Get yourself into a comfortable position, somewhere where you feel safe and are away from mobiles and tv/laptop, etc. Sit preferably sitting with hands outstretched, palms facing upwards or outwards.
  2. Close you eyes and take a few deep breaths to help yourself balance and ground.
  3. Draw the symbol (see below) in the air with one of your hands, saying (speak, chant or say in your mind) three times “SA- KA -RA”. n.b. Draw the  symbol from top to bottom, starting with the inner dot and going outwards.
  4. Return your hand to the initial position and allow the energy to connect and integrate with you.
  5. Feel the energy. Note: You may feel like a pulsing going through your body and you may feel yourself heating up! If you are getting hotter, it is a sign you are connecting to the flame. If you don’t get this or a pulsing feeling, you may just be connecting to it in your own way.
  6. Finish with a show of gratitude, such as “thank you, thank you,thank you” and allow yourself to come around gently.


The Shadow (Sheut/Shewt/shwt).

The Shadow (Sheut/Shewt/shwt).

The unaccepted, the discarded feelings, experiences, wants and emotions cast their shadow before you. You only see it when it has light shone at you, just like in the morning sunshine, where the shadow is cast.

We often put it to one side, like our physical shadow, allowing us to ignore or look away from it. The darkness is still there, just like the light.

Pushing away our emotions and desires only make the shadow a more formidable monster to face. It’s the voice that was once of reason, but by being ignored has become resentful, like when you were shut down when speaking as a child or adult i.e. are you still hurting from this?

The shadow will always be there, always there to balance things. If you are able to work with that voice, to work with that part of you that knows life is unfair, that some people are not good people, that we are not infallible ourselves. If you are able to look at your pain, to look beneath the surface of actions… you can accept that voice and work with it. It is not a battle, the shadow is not always right, but it is not always wrong.

As we embrace the movements of the sun into Sagittarius, it is a good time to bring light to it, especially if the Scorpio energy (Sun and Venus) have brought harshness to the shadow voice.

The darkness lets you see the light, the light gives the darkness a new perspective.

Injoy, inlight and inlove,


Mer-Ka-Ba video (short)

Here’s my introductory video on Mer-Ka-Ba, from the kabasum youtube channel.

Bring back your power!

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