The Ka Ba Sum Ennead

The Ka Ba Sum Ennead (The Nine)

The nine Egyptian gods (messengers and higher beings) are as follows:

Ra– representing the source (Egyptian Sun), point of origin, Divine balanced Spiritual Power

Thoth– representing wisdom and knowledge. Thoth is the great teacher and keeps many initiates, helping them learn what is felt important for them to know.

Anpu– representing divine and physical protection and masculine power

Is’et– representing the divine feminine, the healer, the matriarch and the mastery of HE-KA (magic).

Osiris – represents the divine masculine, the healer and patriarch.

Hathor – represents Love, healing by the many aspects to love of the self and all, romantic love, fertility and motherhood/sisterhood.

Sekhmet– represents the pure fire of will, healing through action, karma, personal power.

Heru- represents the earthly soul. The innocence of humanity and the connection with our wonderful planet.

Sobek– represents the deep mystery and the initiates in the divine mystery- the unknown. Sobek is the one you swim with in the dark, helping with confidence, vitality and purity.

The KBS Pantheon

The Pantheon consists of the ennead housed by four great pillars, represented by Set, Nephthys

The Pillars also represent the four main directional/spiritual elements and states of life – life, death, order and chaos.

Life- Ptah

Death- Nephthys

Order- Ma’at

Chaos- Set(h)


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