About Me


I am Phoenix Amethyst, a name that was given to me during my resurrection in 2012. I struggled with M.E. for over 15 years and had not realised how lost within myself I was. That all changed at the beginning of 2012, where, having split up with my then partner I had to work out how I was going to survive. Meditation, connection and energy therapies (such as Reiki) changed everything for me. The desire to change, helped me find the people that I needed to change.

So nowadays, I am a Reiki/Ka Ba Sum/Dragon Star Healing practitioner, a poet, mentor/coach and astrologer (for insight, not fortune telling).  I now do what I am meant to be doing- utilising my connections to help others, I channel the energy and it flows through me to others.

I am currently living in Bristol, UK. It is such a beautiful place to be. And very close to the wonderful places of Bath and Glastonbury too.  Also known as Simon, the name I was born with…I am also interested in art, music and film. I also follow some team sports (Football/US Football).

In 2013 I channeled through an Egyptian Energy healing system- Ka Ba Sum. Following lots of testing and guidance I developed it to what it is today. It is, as told to me, restoring personal power through divine feminine energy. At first I thought it was ironic that this healing was channeled through by a man. If it’s feminine power, shouldn’t it have been ‘given’ to a woman? I am told that it feels right that it came to me, since 2014 started I have treated (mainly women) with differing degrees of trust with men. Men have abused power for a long, long time in my opinion. I am one who is helping restoring balance (in whatever way it is meant to be) and blessed to be working in such a wonderful way with such wonderful people. Trying to give them the kick start that was given to me 🙂

In 2014 I learnt Seichem, which meant my Reiki attunements were re-done to include the Seichem energy, as part of the Tera Mai system.  In 2015, the latest changes occured-

-My Reiki attunements changed and I have brought my connection back, purely to ‘Reiki’. Everything Reiki related comes from this connection and I am no longer concerned with any ‘branding’ of Reiki. I just let Reiki be Reiki- a hugely versatile energy healing system. It continues to amaze me 🙂

-I developed Dragon Star healing, using elemental Dragons to balance energy flows and release mis-qualified energy.

-My connection with Ka Ba Sum continued to develop and grow and I learnt a lot more about it. I am now passing on the attunements for Ka Ba Sum energy- see courses, for more information!

We are often told via the media that we are incomplete and need help to get better, we need the next big thing to make us better… I prefer to see it as finding someone who shows you how amazing you already are, the gifts you already have- you just aren’t fully aware of them. Let the light shine on you and see everything that you are- shadows, warts and all! In accepting everything we are, we become more integrate balance.  We are not incomplete, but we are always learning, growing, developing… we are more a work in progress, progressing to see how amazing we are. And that is a beautiful thing.

Injoy, inlight and inlove,

Phoenix ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


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