These are some of the testimonials I have received from clients receiving Ka Ba Sum:

“Phoenix is an extraordinary and truly gifted healer and teacher. I have attended his meditation groups on a number of occasions had an Astrology reading, and numerous Ka Ba Sun healing sessions which he is the founder and creator of. All of which are extremely powerful and the reading was a fabulous insight and tool to which has been most beneficial. I can highly recommend this amazing and very genuine chap. I am truly grateful to be working with Phoenix and will continue to visit for further healing/relaxation sessions. Thank you.”

– Tracy H.

“I feel like I am becoming the true me. This was not what I was expecting, its very different to Reiki, isn’t it. I felt like the sound you used was changing me, my DNA. Amazing! I feel powerful but in such a controlled and perhaps gentle way. Thank you SO much, Phoenix.

– Laura

“Your healing was definitely good, if had to rate it I would give it a 10/10. I look forward to receive the next one”
– Cristina

“The therapy was great, I was nervous at first because it is new, I went back to an ancient place and saw some old egyptian figures. There was a lot going on visually so I didn’t really know what was going on the outside. I remember feeling a lot of warmth in my solar plexus near the end, but realising you were standing at my feet at the time. It was like you were in two places at once.”
– Claire Williams

“Amazing treatment, I felt cleared energy wise and ready to get on in a determined way. It wasn’t what I expected!
You (Phoenix) have a gentle disposition but can bring in such warmth and power with the sounds you make. The breathing is very good, it was like you were breathing for me at one point. I could feel the dread in me leaving and replaced with something much lighter”
– Amy Bennett

“Wow amazing. Thank you so much Phoenix.

That was a blooming astounding healing session. I feel like saying upgrade achieved, level unlocked wink emoticon

This man is an amazing healer and I can wholeheartedly recommend him. He truly hears what your body is saying and works to heal what sometimes isn’t said.”

– Jay C

“Just had an amazing experience. I feel full of power but very much at peace. I have never felt like this before.

I went off into a dreamworld full of symbols and goddesses in a large temple. I felt energy flow into me. I was given an important message. [My] life is going to change and I have something else to give the world. Incredible. I’d say I’m lost for words but I seem to be doing quite well.

thank you Phoenix XXX” – Emma Rose (from Facebook)
Rose-feedback(Ka Ba Sum)

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