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What is happening to Ka Ba Sum (Update)

I’ve been very quiet here on kabasum.com, only updating the facebook page from time to time. I went through an extremely traumatic time from 2018 through most of 2019 and needed to step away from healing for a number of reasons.

I have returned to a better space now, feeling more in-tune with the energy and having a little more understanding of that energy.

I feel like as my connection with the Ka Ba Sum is changing, so will the format of the treatments and the information that I will be sharing. I hope to be in a position to update with more very soon.

Injoy, inlight and inlove


Energy Upgrades? What’s going on?

A lot of people have been inquiring into what’s going on at the moment? “Is there something crazy going on in the stars right now?”

Well, yes, as it happens. Of course, there is always something going on in the world of astrology- the planets, they keep on-a-moving! The more interesting point though, for me, is what is going on, on the earthly plains right now; a shift from spiritual unconsciousness towards spiritual consciousness and a raising of the energy vibration of all things. We’ve had several reported energy upgrades in the last few months. So what the heck is going on? Are we truly beginning to shift?

In 2012, there was a transition towards the paradigm shift. At the end of the year the new waves started to come in. Instead of waves of water (tidal waves/tsunami) they were waves of energy- of consciousness, of higher vibration. Of course, I know some of us were very disappointed as we weren’t all riding the velveteen unicorns and going all pink (or purple) and fluffy in 2013, which wasn’t really part of the ascension picture anyway. It lead some people to suggest that the shift wasn’t happening and that it was a bit of a false dawn. I don’t think that, and here’s why…

The first wave was more about increasing the consciousness levels more than energy vibration levels

2012: Pre-shift levels (demonstrative)

The 2012 shift began with the openings of the third eye at the same time that the powers in control of most things were in the middle of a class war- to win the hearts and minds of the people they could control. A new awareness that the whole thing was a big lie, that the controlled use of the media and other things to dumb us down and spread fear got us angry. The fight was on, or was it? Demonstrations were a start, but without the energy vibration shift of us- it didn’t go too far. That’s not to say that the energy vibration levels weren’t changing, most of us could not sense it.

Higher spiritual consciousness, without higher vibration can lead to anger

Consciousness is increasing worldwide. More and more people are asking the questions of their controllers/leaders, be it government, big business or religion. More and more people are feeling less connected with these entities. The lies and deceptions are beginning to come out quicker and easier. Releases of information are showing us that those we left in charge failed us- to give themselves better lives. This realisation is keeping us in conflict- do we storm the buildings and take back what’s ours? Do we burn the systems down to the ground? Do we need to wait for other people, seemingly more powerful people do do something? Do we just give up?


With no realistic avenue to address their main concerns or improve the system , this has led to a rising anger. There have been some highly influential politicians all over the world who have capitalised on this rising anger- by steering it. The old ‘divide and conquer’ routine has been excellently executed in western countries – particularly in Europe and the US. Blame someone else, it is not the fault of the leaders, lawmakers or those in custody of money- no it will be foreigners/pensioners, the ill, the vulnerable, those in-work and those out-of work… blah, blah, blah!

And the big thing to know on this is- every time you get angry at these created deflections of blame or shows of power- YOU lose a piece of your own power and you lower YOUR vibration.

What we really need to accompany this new rising  consciousness is rising vibration. To keep our own personal power and receptivity to the higher guidance.

The Spiritual world doesn’t want a physical war- (well not a physical one)

The last few years have seen a gradual progression, a slow transition, if you will. It is clearly there, if you look for it. Transitions of this magnitude can’t happen quickly- we’re so plugged into this third dimensional experience that if we all ‘woke up’ at the same time it would probably lead to uprisings and anarchy and us losing ourselves within ourselves. This transition is coming in waves. Some people started to ‘wake up’ as it were, in the 1960s and 70s. The 80s lead to more and so on. The groundwork was being done way before 2012. Over three and a half years after 21st December 2012, we are seeing more and more messages shared from spirit that are helping us align. Big shifts in 2016 are to bring us new ways of working and understanding, new compassion, etc.

Those in control are aware of this and are digging their heels in- but they cannot contain everybody forever- the war at the moment is the ‘War on Consciousness’ – and vibration levels will play a key part in this.  The higher we can all keep our vibration levels, the better.

Higher Vibrations are coming- the sensitive ones know it!

Don’t worry, the vibration is rising now. The shifts and ripples of rising energy this year have been quite sudden and markedly increased from 2015. We are now in the middle of a huge transitional period of the vibration levels of life on earth. It takes time to get used to it- as we become higher in our personal vibration – we let go more of the need to control others. I get a real sense that right now we are truly looking to balance these things- spiritual consciousness and vibration, along with spiritual unconsciousness. This means that for a while, we will be in harmony, we will be looking after ourselves and others, we will be in the flow of giving and receiving, moving out of a place of fear and into a place of the desirable inner joy and unconditional love. And by balanced, I mean that we can enjoy our drink down the pub, we can know what is going on, we can help others and bring about change in a much more peaceful way. Right now, people all over the world have been doing activations to help open the new energies that we need to come together as one.

It might look bad right now, that is because those holding the masquerade of power are using everything in their power to make themselves look invincible. With higher vibration levels, there is no way this is true. Individual power used as a collective force – with raised consciousness and vibration will build a much better world for all.

Trust in your truth, trust in your power. We all do.