2017: Ramping up the energy!

2017 is only eighteen days old, not even into the new Chinese year (Jan 28th) and it already feels different to me. There has been more movement of energy around me, some of the old things that I felt shifting last year but still stayed with me in a loose form, appear to have now completely gone.

Connecting in with Dragon energy has been easier than any time before, and I say this a Dragon Star healer! For one thing, there are noticeably more dragons around us than there were a few months ago. I know that will have something to do with the extraordinary experience of thousands of dragons (big and small) making themselves known to me a the time of the Winter Solstice in December. I was at the Chalice Well and they were making themselves known.

I believe that the dragons are here to help with transmutation, which will also bring about their own healing. The dragons originally left this dimension die to the treatment that they received by own human ancestors. In fact, it appears that many beings left the earth plane, due to us- due to our inability to look past appearance and fear of the unknown. Yes, one could argue that it was for survival, but nowadays we should know better, and there are those of us that are chosen to work with these magnificent beings. It is a great honour to be chosen by a Dragon.

It is not just the Dragons that are making this year feel different. I think 2016 was a huge global wake-up call that so many of us interpreted wrongly. As one-by-one, the masquerades fell, we went into panic mode- with fear and anger often being the first and last resort. Now, many of those people are raising their consciousness further, aligning more with the new energy planes. There’s a lot of growth to come from last years hardships, once the letting go and resolutions come into play.  With this growth comes a lot of progress.

To put it another way, last year was about throwing the cards up in the air and seeing how they landed. They didn’t land as expected, so we got angry, said the whole things doesn’t work and bickered. This year, more and more of us are beginning to look at those cards again. We’re beginning to take a fresh look to see what those cards are and what they actually meant.

Once we’ve seen in the new moon, we’ll be in the Chinese year of the Rooster- which I see as equivalent to Pisces. Pisces is one hack of a transformer/transmuter- so let’s allow this all to happen.

It looks like an exciting trip is on its way. Let’s go 2017!

Injoy, inlight and inlove,

Phoenix ❤


Closing caveat: I speak the messages/the feelings that are of course, my interpretations. I read energy in a certain way and make those connections.  So when I say I know, it is from my perception/point of view. 


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