Thoth and Mer-ka-ba

Thoth was the keeper of knowledge for the ancients. He was very active in the time of Atlantis, Egyptian dynasties and the Classic Greek kingdoms. It is said that Thoth acquired his great knowledge during his time in Atlantis, where he ruled as King for many years. He carried this knowledge throughout his time in Egypt. The Greeks knew him as Hermes.

The Mer-ka-ba energy work knowledge is often given to people who can bring this out to the wider world. Often this knowledge is passed down through Thoth, or his disciples.

A lot of the work involves our conscious breathing and work in the energy field around the body. The body responds by activating the light field around it. The Mer-ka-ba roughly is described as a special kind of light.

We are used to seeing things as part of the visual light spectrum that we know of, but Thoth (or a being identifying as him) has shown me that there is a lot more to it than what science has currently discovered or found to date.

This special light is part of the currently unknown spectrum. In simplistic terms it is the spectrum or frequency that we can access with the third eye or pineal gland.

Obviously it may take some degree of faith to absorb this information, but it may explain some of the 5D waves (or higher frequency shifts) we continue to  experience on an seemingly frequent basis.

Allow yourself to see the new, with consciousness and intent – breathing and strengthening the pineal gland, third eye and pineal chakra to improve this vision. Connect this with the heart and higher heart chakra to engage with it deeper and further.

2017 is a time to build on this.

Injoy, inlight and inlove,


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