Love is an action, not just a feeling

Love, love, love! I’ve blogged before on love (especially on Holistic Transformation), how there are at least six different types of love (according to the Greeks). One thing I’ve noticed in recent months, is the importance of action and inaction. There are times for action and times for inaction. Now seems a time for action.

I’ve read so many things in the past month that seem to suggest that just sending out a loving vibe is the answer to our prayers. I feel it is part of the answer, but the reason for our physical existence on the Earth is to have a physical presence. So our physical presence needs to match the loving vibes in out heart and mind/prayer fields.

This means that now is the time to act out of love, to physicalise it. What to I mean by that? Simply we need to make a difference in the third dimensional existence. Simply saying that you love everyone can have unintended consequences- Remember, you can love someone and not like their actions. Sometimes, love is accepted by others as a complete vindication and acceptance of their stance, of their actions.

Standing Rock is a place of action. Sending our prayers and vibes are important to help those that can and do rise up to protect the people making this stand. This is the power of love coming together- the news that the Veterans are also coming out to make a stand is amazing. That is love! Love is stronger than bank balances and corporate law- the strength of people uniting is immense.  I’m trusting that the public outcry, the support of love by prayer and action- will cause an overturn.

The protest vigils in America since the election result and the campaigning in the UK since the referendum have been very polarising to many. This doesn’t mean that they are wrong (not at all). It is just that so many have forgotten the love and remembered to embrace the hate on both sides- the hate being the fear that has been raised by divisive campaigns on both sides of the spectrum. The fear and hate is promoting the separation, the segregation of society. What needs to be clear is the separation of the unconditional love of the individual, or group and the distain, disgust (or even hate) for their action. Being a 3rd dimensional meatsack is hard at the best of times, this year has just seemed pretty plain ugly. I mean, I know it is hard to instantly remember to love someone who is apparently a fact-resistant, expert-resitant, borderline fascist-definately xenophobic, narcissitic psychopath and their supporters. People seemingly endorsing, hatred determined by collective discrimination. However, doing the direct same thing in return does not return things to love. Being bigoted to bigots does not a happy situation make.

We can make more of a difference, with the power of (thought and prayer of) love and action of love together. The action of love can be critical, can be corrective, can be disciplinary. It’s been the misuse of ‘tough love’ that has confused many people (Don’t take money from the poor and say its for their own good, that’s not love). Appropriate action can bring the regeneration of society. We love you, but we do not stand for your actions, your words, your policies. We will help you, but it is up to you to listen and to react accordingly. Stop hurting or demeaning others to make yourself feel great.

Remember, their hatred (and ours of their beliefs) mostly comes from fear. Some of those fears are based on real, plausible-ish potential outcomes,  some are very far fetched. Most of the fear comes from the lack of acceptance of the self, the belief that self-love comes from disabling someone else’s…that comes from raising the self to an elistist state so that you have to be special, of privilege. They seem to believe that equality somehow takes away their specialness. We know that is not true.

So as we approach the end of 2016, a ‘9’ year, the Year of the Fire Monkey, Yang energy, The Otter (Shamanic Astrology), The Aquarian Year and move into 2017- a ‘1’ year, the Year of the Fire Rooster, Yin Energy, The Wolf, The Piscean Year- bring in the positive and corrective light into other’s shadow.

LET’S REMEMBER THE LOVE IN OUR ACTIONS, THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. This is what makes up our vibration level. Let’s make it so!

Injoy, inlight and inlove


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