Energy Update: Global Shadow Challenge

Don’t fall for the traps of the divide and conquer politics, of the false ‘I AM’. We are all being tested right now. Unifying now will help us accept and work through, and then with our shadow selves.

The energy around today has been quite surreal. Of course it’s election time in the Gool ol’ US of A, but something else has been going on. Something more than a decision over who goes in the White House; Trump or Clinton. The energy has been strange and I am told this is part of the Global Shadow Challenge that has been set for this year. What is that? Well, this year has been a massive year for the vibration levels of the planet. High vibration energy has come through portals and been uplifting and helping energy workers across the world. Note- I don’t tend to use the term ‘lightworkers’ as I don’t think it really encompasses the work that we do- just my opinion.

At this time, the lower vibration demons and what not, that feed off fear and hate and taking power over other individuals have ramped up their game too. This year is bringing a lot of truths out into the open, and a lot of people simply have not been ready for it. As the illusion has been falling away, revealing a system of control and abuse beyond our worst fears, it has upset the natural order and people have reacted in a variety of ways.

It is without judgement, that many of us souls have just got angry to the situation. When in a position of anger, we are more susceptible to the influence of others. The main game has been the blame game. Anyone is fair game- as long as they are not you. It has worked across the UK, mainland Europe and the US. People are being led to turn against each other, for illogical, irrational reasons- thanks to lies and propaganda being portrayed as the cold, hard truth. I understand why this is appealing for those feeling unloved, unrewarded and unrecognised- becoming part of a group is a primal thing, an energy provider. It can be an enticing trap.

The shadow challenge has been there to really challenge us on our feelings, thoughts and perceptions of this reality. It is clear that it has brought out the worst in a lot of people. When challenged, they have accepted a reality that desegregates the people of the world.

The challenge is also about working together, many of the energy workers in the world work with a unified, tying energy. Some people just work on their own, only following their important work. I’m not saying his is all bad, but we do need to keep a check on the hubris, the ego that can work things into a state where the Saviour complex is taking over. Know that even when working alone, you are part of a team… you are not the only one.

This update is to say that we are now asked to do one of the hardest things, to show love in the face of this hatred, to show compassion where there is none in return. These people are desperately crying out to feel heard and have their voice accepted. It appears when actually pressed, many of them have no idea about the truth of what they are saying and/or supporting.  I loved to see the video of President Obama’s response to the Trump supporter at his rally. His acknowledgment of that man was out of love and respect. They don’t have to agree.

I received this mantra, at this time to help working with those souls, caught in the shadow trappings right now.

“I hear you, I hear your anger and frustration.
I hear your cry for help, for things to change,
I hear you.

I love you, I love you as we all do.
I love your passion and intensity, your will for change.
I love you.

I want to walk side by side with you, to honour you.
In order to do this, I need you to be open to truth.
I need you to be open to the love.
Then I can walk with you (my brother/my sister).”

By working through and accepting our truths, when we really check in deeply with our hearts, I believe we do not hate other people. It is just easier to carry that illusion, that lie than to work through the issues at hand. Hold on to your heart energy, ground yourselves in it. Breathe through any pain and frustration and anger- get to the heart of the matter.
From there say a few word of forgiveness to the yourself or the other person. Give gratitude for the shadow’s lessons and the acceptance of this side will help bring about healing.

For those still reading this, I hope that you can help us work through this Global Shadow Challenge, it is bringing about great healing opportunities. The future may look dark, but that is because we haven’t changed the bulb yet 🙂

Injoy, inlight and inlove

Phoenix x

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