Latest Energy Upgrades (Egypt/Sirius)

Have you been aware of a different vibe in the past few weeks? Getting less drawn in to the TV debates and general doom and gloom of the media? Instead of apathy, you are feeling very optimistic – even without any proof things are getting better?  You might just have been ‘upgraded’!

The vibration field, the frequency of all things is rising (see Schumann frequency) and the sensitive beings are the ones that are feeling it most. 2016 may have been quite difficult for you, I know it has for me, but that has been allowing great healings, great lessening of karmic ties and attachments, allowing new energies to come in.

The most reason wave of energies is coming from a multitude of places. Others have said about the Plieadians, Orion beings, but I have been receiving gifts from Sirius. I also received the following message today, which I am passing on:

“The new energies are coming in to help us move on and into 2017 and 2018. These are to be big years of change. We are activating our higher hearts, as frequency rises enable us to connect to the strongest resonance of the love frequencies that we have connected to in multiple millennia. Stay strong in spirit, dear soul. Pain is temporary.

At this time, it is a good idea to keep grounding the new energies in. Have no expectations of doing grand things in the next few weeks. Allow yourself to do things without feeling burdened into anything. This new energy is strong, it will make you laugh and it will make you cry. Your body may feel weak, like it is under attack. It is not being attacked, it is transforming. The human body needs adjustments to maintain itself in times of rising frequency and of so much human-based fear. It may be uncomfortable for a few weeks. Remember that is okay, all of these things are in preparation. If things are not uncomfortable, know that is okay too, as you may have released all that you need to to get you ready at this point- or you may not be ready for this, right now. If you are not ready, this will happen at the right time for you, you will receive in good time. It is not a failing if you are not ready, just as it is not a major achievement if you have already let it go. The ego is all that counts this, feeds on this. Allow the ego to have its moment, then move on.

The new energies are from home, you know through Khmet (Egypt).

Prepare, Protect and Receive. For truth and love…”


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