Update: The Diamond Light Portal

This past week and a bit has been a momentous one. We had a Full Moon on the Solstice, followed by a new energy portal opening, leading up to Britain’s ‘ #Brexit ‘vote. I also blogged last week about the shadow challenge that is headed for us, right now. Perhaps it would have been better to publish it a few days earlier- but hey ho! The collective shadow affects all of us, right?

So, this past weekend, starting on the Friday, did you feel it?!
I felt that there was a tremendous surge of energetic activity coming to us in response to the lowering energies (thanks to Project Fear). Most of us didn’t really feel it due to the mass distractions over here, and some manufactured incidents abroad. Project Fear is designed to stop you developing and getting stronger, after all.

I did, it knocked me for six. It came through me as I was channeling energy for sessions with clients on Friday. Both ended up being covered in Diamond energy and had Diamonds in their chakras. It is only a few days later that it is beginning to sink in. New energy/next wave. Portal activity. My guides told me I was not alone in receiving this upgrade- there are many of us using this specific energy to help get us back to our old, true selves. To raise the vibration of the Earth as a whole.

For me, it came from the  Diamond Light Portal. Activating the higher energies of the Diamond Light – to coincide with the Rainbow activation earlier this year. As a package, they work together.

Diamond light is coming from the higher realms/dimensions. It is coming now (and to some people, before now) to change the energies of the Earth Angels – we need to be strong to deal with the Global Shadow. They know this, this is part of our  toolkit. It may appear as something else to others, again, people getting what they need to keep the flow of positive energies flowing. People are fearing the shadow, stuck in the darkness of it all, dwelling and suffering. The times are changing, we have to rise up energetically to make a difference. Some people will need a lot of help to confront the shadow, some clearly won’t face it- it is optional as to how you see it, so I’m told.

To Receive it (Diamond Light):
If you feel drawn to receiving it, like it  is meant for you now and you have experience of receiving this type of thing, it should be straight forward. Let go of your fears and hatred, allow yourself to be open to receiving it. What you receive will be right to you.

1. Get into your normal receptive, meditative state, opening your crown, your heart chakra and your higher heart.

2. Ask for “the energies of the higher dimension that are meant for me to return to me now”.

3. Wait.

4. Allow the energy to come through, simply allow. There’s no need to try and force things, if nothing comes through, its either not the time or you’re not meant to have it now (for some reason)

People will receive different things at different times and I cannot guarantee what will be received.

The real key to this is the letting go of attachments to fear and anger, to still allow thoughts to come and go – but not to dwell on things. Change your story if it stopping you fulfill your potential. I know It’s hard at the moment because 2016 is turning into a year of fear- as the mass media would have it. It doesn’t mean it is true, though.

Know that it is up to you as to how you receive the information and interpret it. I’m not saying to look at everything with rose-tinted glasses and gloss over any atrocities. I’m suggesting that things might not be as bleak as they appear- which is why I’m being guided to work with people to get their energies raised higher. This comes from holistic sessions, mentoring and listening and supporting friends/colleagues.

Our perception is set to accept things as they are suggested to us. Sometimes, when you take that step back, look at yourself, at yourself watching the movie of life- you see it differently. Most of the media these days is reactionary and trying to prompt an emotion out of you. You do not need to react- you need to reflect. Then, from reflection, you can act (not react).

The power is yours to take, so ask yourself, what do you want to create?

Injoy, inlight and inlove,


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