We’re still standing. We’ve faced Armageddon before, right?

In the last 15 years we’ve faced project fear at its finest. We were all going to die by: Iraq (for the second time), Iran, the Taliban, SARS, Foot and Mouth, IS, ZIKA, Ebola, Global Financial Collapses, Meteor strikes, North Koreans, The deficit, the Russians, The Chinese, Immigrants, Ed Milliband, Jeremy Corbyn, Grexit, and many other things. But we’re still standing…

I’m tired of this shit. Let’s call it what it is, shit. Fear/War mongering deception and lies, designed to stop us from taking our personal power back for ourselves. And who benefits from all of this, the status quo- and also those in the background. We’ve been played for fools on the biggest stage of them all- and fallen hook, line and sinker. Enough

Time to shape a new world vision? We can’t ignore bad things, stop some of them from happening, but there is no need to promote and support it- to hold an spread the fear amongst one another.

Let’s choose project love, love the world, love the people and love the power of ALL of us working together. How cool would that be?

You in?

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