Why Other Spiritual People Don’t Always Resonate With You

Have you ever been in situations where you don’t seem to fit in with a group of seemingly like-minded individuals, that either they see what you do is wrong or vice-versa?

It seems a little funny writing this final version up after having experienced the great feeling of connection with a great many people at the Healing Weekend at Secret World this past weekend. It was like a festival of tolerance, growth and acceptance- with values that accepted the other persons beliefs as their own right. But, this journey is not always filled with such people. Sometimes our journey seems like one of constantly sticking up for our beliefs or of trying to work out someone else’s.

Our journey starts with an explanation of how we receive and process information, the interpretation that our brain makes when assimilating (or computing) the information in front of us- be it visual, audio or sensual.

I’m taking it for granted that we can all agree that individuals interpret information differently, we are not all the same kind of robot on exactly the same kind of operating system. That is why we see things differently, think differently and process information differently. If you disagree, you might as well stop reading now.

I think it is fair to say that most of us are on our spiritual journey to find a certain truth- about us, our role within the universe and life itself. Something that can be seen as entirely subjective. And in a world that is constantly trying to decipher what is right and wrong it will not be uncommon to come up against criticism from others within the community. It also can be something we go through to challenge us on how easily we can accept the same right to personal belief to other people.

One of the things is to do with the law of attraction and law of vibration, and the other to do with our understanding of a universe without morals and judgments – just energy.

The Law of attraction dictates that like-minds attract, that we attract what we need, sometimes attaining to be that what we wish to attract itself. The law of vibration is different.

As energy is interpreted by individuals, it is interpreted differently. Let’s for the sake of argument call them as different things:

  • Consciousness, the awareness of ourselves, where we fit in, how to operate.
  • Vibration, the operating itself- the doing and being

Or, if you like, the ‘understanding’ versus the ‘living it out’ parts.

When we embark on our path, often termed as an ‘awakening’ or ‘when I woke up’- terms I personally dislike, because it demeans others as being asleep, our consciousness rises. That rising consciousness means that we step out a little from the big bubble we are born into and see the world in a different way. We start to realise that there’s more to life than just working, paying taxes and then dying and also that there’s something else running it all. Raising consciousness in itself doesn’t lead to spiritual epiphany, at least at the beginning, because you just know something isn’t right with the world anymore. Highly conscious people inspire people with their communications.

Rising Vibration is another side of it. Our energy and our act of giving and receiving is vastly increased. Religious followers may have vastly increased vibration levels as they truly connect to their teachings. This is the side of things that rather than knowing what things are, what to do- the vibration becomes the energy itself. It operates without having to know the reasons why. High vibration people inspire others with their energy (the doing/being).

And here’s the thing! Most of us, as we continue on our journey will not match up exactly with the same Consciousness and Vibration levels. So, when we work with others- we can be working with someone with higher consciousness and vibration, higher consciousness and lower vibration, lower consciousness and higher vibration , lower consciousness and vibration- or be the same. As you most likely don’t match exactly- both in vibration and frequency, things may appear slightly weird or wrong to someone else (or you). This difference in energy is what can make us perceive that someone else’s work is wrong or ‘coming from the wrong place’. Don’t forget our own fears of the unknown can sometimes masquerade as intuition.

When it is laid out like this, I think it is easier to show how we can find things to be different. If someone is following their path authentically, following spiritual guidance that truly resonates- it is going to be right for them. It might not be or seem right for you- and that’s okay!

Teaching Reiki has shown me a few things, like how some Reiki Masters insist there is only one way to teach Reiki.- and that is their way. That may be true for them, as in one way for them to teach Reiki. There are plenty of Reiki methods out there. I encourage my students to soak up enough information for them to work with what is right for them. The initiations are to help them find their connection with the energy around them (the Reiki energy) and to hone their work around that.

Mantra: Being different is okay! It is okay for me and okay for others. There are many ways to work with the energy of this universe.

So, to summarise, you won’t feel drawn to everything in the spiritual world to work with, it’s too expansive – and to be true to yourself, you need to work with what is right for you. We all have different lessons to learn, so the tolerance that we wish from others is the same as we should give to our spiritual brothers and sisters too.

Injoy, inlight and inlove


p.s. If someone has low consciousness but high vibration, they may help other people and themselves immensely and never really know why. The thing here is that they most likely don’t need to know!

p.p.s I would like to add a big thank you to Tracy, who filled in the blanks for me in our Ka Ba Sum Practitioner course, earlier this year!

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