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Summer Special 2016


As we get ready for the (hopefully) long hot summer of 2016- I am running a promotion for the summer- £10 off your first Ka Ba Sum session. So, that’s £40 for the two-hour session (1 hour of table-based energy therapy) instead of £50. A saving of 20%.

Book in now to claim you £10 discount off the treatment and feel the sensations of the Egyptian Inter-Dimensional Healing- 0775 872 4919

Ka Ba Sum Illustration (4)

Some Testimonials:

“Phoenix is an extraordinary and truly gifted healer and teacher. I have attended his meditation groups on a number of occasions had an Astrology reading, and numerous Ka Ba Sun healing sessions which he is the founder and creator of. All of which are extremely powerful and the reading was a fabulous insight and tool to which has been most beneficial. I can highly recommend this amazing and very genuine chap. I am truly grateful to be working with Phoenix and will continue to visit for further healing/relaxation sessions. Thank you.”
– Tracy H.

“I feel like I am becoming the true me. This was not what I was expecting, its very different to Reiki, isn’t it. I felt like the sound you used was changing me, my DNA. Amazing! I feel powerful but in such a controlled and perhaps gentle way. Thank you SO much, Phoenix.
– Laura

“Your healing was definitely good, if had to rate it I would give it a 10/10. I look forward to receive the next one”
– Cris


Sag Full Moon!

From Holistic Transformation!

Scorpio Full Moon!

From my other site- Holistic Transformation: 🙂

Scorpio Full Moon – April 21/22

The power of ‘us’

For thousands of years, humankind has bestowed great power to ‘great’ people, in the forms of scholars, priests, popes, kings, emperors, presidents, prime ministers, military commanders and now- someone on the television or internet.

We seem, as a race, keen to let someone else take charge or be in control. Then, there’s someone else to blame or be angry towards. We have inherited this system and we choose to live within it. As each week/month passes, a new political or celebrity scandal is released…we get angry and then get distracted by the next one. This creates an all-too- easy cycle that we have trapped ourselves in. Continue reading The power of ‘us’

Learning Ka Ba Sum One-to-One

Following the successful, enjoyable and exciting weekend of teaching and attuning others to Ka Ba Sum, I have, following feedback, decided to offer this course as a one-to-one, in your own home- Bristol, UK.


Continue reading Learning Ka Ba Sum One-to-One

One Week to go!

One week to go until the first Ka Ba Sum Practitioner course in Bristol – February 20-21


There’s still time to book, if you are interested in this course… please let me know! | (+44) (0)775 872 4919 |

Time to learn Ka Ba Sum?


I’m running the first Ka Ba Sum Practitioner course in Bristol on 20-21 February 2015. It is a two-day course including the attunements to the Ka Ba Sum energy. Over the two days, there will be time to get used to using the seven-layers of the Inter-Dimensional Healing process. There is also a handbook to help you whilst learning the symbols and getting used to the energy.

See my courses page for more details 🙂