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Summer Offer: 20% off first Ka Ba Sum treatment

Summer Special 2016


As we get ready for the (hopefully) long hot summer of 2016- I am running a promotion for the summer- £10 off your first Ka Ba Sum session. So, that’s £40 for the two-hour session (1 hour of table-based energy therapy) instead of £50. A saving of 20%.

Book in now to claim you £10 discount off the treatment and feel the sensations of the Egyptian Inter-Dimensional Healing- 0775 872 4919

Ka Ba Sum Illustration (4)

Some Testimonials:

“Phoenix is an extraordinary and truly gifted healer and teacher. I have attended his meditation groups on a number of occasions had an Astrology reading, and numerous Ka Ba Sun healing sessions which he is the founder and creator of. All of which are extremely powerful and the reading was a fabulous insight and tool to which has been most beneficial. I can highly recommend this amazing and very genuine chap. I am truly grateful to be working with Phoenix and will continue to visit for further healing/relaxation sessions. Thank you.”
– Tracy H.

“I feel like I am becoming the true me. This was not what I was expecting, its very different to Reiki, isn’t it. I felt like the sound you used was changing me, my DNA. Amazing! I feel powerful but in such a controlled and perhaps gentle way. Thank you SO much, Phoenix.
– Laura

“Your healing was definitely good, if had to rate it I would give it a 10/10. I look forward to receive the next one”
– Cris

Scorpio Full Moon!

From my other site- Holistic Transformation: 🙂

Scorpio Full Moon – April 21/22

Christmas Sale!

It’s the time of year for going out and drinking and eating lots of food and things, a hard time of year for our bodies. Plus, it can be a very busy time trying to fit everyone in  and manage everyone’s expectations. Ah, the perfect Christmas means something unique to us all, right?

A few things to help with the (sometimes stressful) lead up to Christmas then…


7 December – 23 December 2015

Discount treatments :
£ 25 Reiki
£ 25 Dragon Star Healing
£ 35 Ka Ba Sum

Bundles (one, or both, can be a gift for someone else):
£45 2 x Reiki treatments
£45 Reiki and Dragon Star treatments (one each)
£ 50 Ka Ba Sum and Reiki treatments (one each)
£ 60 2 x Ka Ba Sum

Plus you can buy Christmas gift vouchers- available from £10 upwards

Plus, all clients booking during this period will enter the Phoenix Amethyst Christmas draw, where one person will win a free treatment or an astrological natal chart for 2016.

Whatever you are doing this Christmas and New Year period, I hope you have a wonderful time and that 2016 is a fantastic year.

Injoy, inlight and inlove,


Welcome to Ka Ba Sum!

Welcome to the website for Ka Ba Sum – Egyptian Energy Therapy.


This is a new type of energy therapy , although it is sourced from ancient knowledge.
The ancient Egyptians prepared themselves properly for the afterlife. They took great care and paid great attention to detail concerning their ceremonies. By contrast, In modern times, we forget sometimes, to look after ourselves. We don’t always pay attention to how we feel, what we need to honour, or ‘be true’ ourselves. We often neglect our basic needs because we are just too busy.

You may often have heard of people saying they have given their power away? Well, Ka Ba Sum aims to help restore your own personal power.

Ka Ba Sum aims to help you to take care of yourself in both this life and the afterlife!