The power of ‘us’

For thousands of years, humankind has bestowed great power to ‘great’ people, in the forms of scholars, priests, popes, kings, emperors, presidents, prime ministers, military commanders and now- someone on the television or internet.

We seem, as a race, keen to let someone else take charge or be in control. Then, there’s someone else to blame or be angry towards. We have inherited this system and we choose to live within it. As each week/month passes, a new political or celebrity scandal is released…we get angry and then get distracted by the next one. This creates an all-too- easy cycle that we have trapped ourselves in.

In the time of the Egyptian Kingdoms, it was believed that only the King had a ‘Ba’, which was representative of personality and power.  It was a way of keeping people repressed and controlled as they had to do what the King or priests told them. If they didn’t have any power, how could they ever challenge those in power?

For thousands of years, we have been persecuted for following ideology that did not fit in with conventional thinking, or did not meet with those in control’s doctrine. Science is often attacked by certain religious sectors, religion is often attacked by some in the scientific community and some atheist communities, etc. By doing this we play in to the hands of those that want to control humanity. Split down the middle, play one off against the other, mind games, blame games. This tactic has worked for a long, long time. It is still working today.

You are free, free to believe in whatever deity(deities) you believe in, free to think whatever you think, to follow who you want to follow, please remember that.

Those that walk in the ‘spiritual’ circles, who receive messages, often share the same themes- unconditional love and unity. The aim is to unite us all.

So, in these times, where politics and mainstream media is often juvenile and nasty- trying to divide and conquer us, to pit us against each other… remember to ask yourself this? Who gains from all of this? Who is gaining from you diminishing your own power, who is gaining from you helping diminish someone else’s power? Not you.

Maybe it is time to work together, for the betterment of all? We don’t have to sacrifice all our possessions and meditate all day long to be connected to our divine mission, but we do have to be connected. When we connect and align ourselves to a greater good, a greater cause we can overcome the many obstacle with ease. Believe in ‘us’ and help empower us all. Part of our power comes from strength in numbers, of our unified adoption of peace and unconditional love. To see the peace and love, we need to become it.

Who is with me?

Injoy, inlight and inlove


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