How ‘Artificial Ascension’ Has Trapped Some Of Us

When ‘Artificial Ascension’ is attempted, it can leave the soul with lifetimes of problems. In the past, ascension has been forced when it wasn’t ready to occur, masquarading as the done thing, the natural order of things. Magic was used in the wrong places and for some of us it has gone very, very wrong.

I love ancient Egypt, I really do! But some of the things that were done have not helped us today in the present. This isn’t taking an opportunity to use the divide and conquer tactics and blame all out wrongdoings on an ancient society- but a recent discovery.

The last two Ka Ba Sum sessions have revealed that some of the rituals done in the ceremonies of the afterlife did not work. The Egyptians were trying to prepare these souls for the afterlife as one final resting place, another world, where you need all the physical things you had before, so were buried with them. The intentions were good, they were intended for the best possible outcome of the worthy. But they were trying to force through something that wasn’t ready or possible to happen at that time. These souls incarnated, as opposed to resting in the Egyptian afterlife. Many may feel restricted or that something is missing.

The recent revelations to me were that this was a misguided attempt at artificial ascension. Some of the Egyptians were very good at this energy work. Some not so, with them doing what they believed worked for all. It was a one size fits all approach, divided by men and women/children.  We’re are not all the same, our journeys are not all the same and that is where we are now having some difficulties now. Some of the people in the position of power also abused their power and placed spells onto those leaving the physical planes.

Both clients have now told me they have felt released from the shackles of restriction, that they were not supposed to have, that there power on earth was suppressed. I do not know whether this was the unintended consequence of the work that the priests and other officials carried out in ancient times, or an intended restriction of personal power for the future. I feel like some were intended and some were not.  I do know now that some of us have been struggling through lifetimes with this massive energetic straitjacket on.

During Ka Ba Sum sessions, I follow intuition and guides (Thoth, Anubis and Isis) to clear these spells that have manifested as blockages, to clear the incorrect magic placed on souls from their time(s) in Egypt. That this has accelerated at  a time when there are mass karmic clearings going on, seems significant, and synchronistic.

If you don’t feel drawn to work with me, please find someone who works with the Egyptian energy, that you trust, to get clear! Now is a great time to remove this incorrect magic/energy.

Injoy, inlight and inlove,


To have a Ka Ba Sum session with Phoenix, either in person (based in Bristol, UK) or via Skype, contact Phoenix via email: / facebook (@kabasum)

Ka Ba Sum Inter-Dimensional Healing sessions are based on 60 minutes of multi-layered healing, using energy and sound to clear, cleanse, energise and restore the different aspects of the body.
One-to-one sessions in person are  90-120 minutes, Skype sessions are normally 75-90 minutes, depending what issues come up from the session. If it feels best to leave you to integrate with the energy, then I don’t leave you waiting to go! 

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