What is Ka Ba Sum

Ka Ba Sum is a healing system that restores your own personal power, restores your own psychic protection and balances your physical and spiritual energy centres (also known as chakras).

The importance of balanced chakras is that having a closed or far too open chakra can lead to different problems, depending on the chakra. Ka Ba Sum works with 16 energy centres around the body and a further four around your Mer-Ka-Ba field. An energetic healing chamber is formed around you whilst the energy work is carried out. This is in the form of layers of sound, light and energy.

KA –
is the universal life force/energy- i.e. another name for Ki, Chi or Prana

BA – is the personal power, resting in the solar plexus and covering your whole energy field (Mer-Ka-Ba field). Note: personal power is not like a huge testosterone boost- divine personal power has a more grounded and gentle authority to it!

SUM – is a high vibrational energy, only accessible following the post 2012 energy shift. Seen clairvoyantly as fluctuating/pulsing rainbow light energy, it is part of the new paradigm 5D (and above) energy that is being channeled through.

I believe that the principles of energy healing are broadly similar in concept. You are using power/energy that you can’t physically see to raise the vibrational qualities of the cells in the body to help them heal. The body is a natural healer and is always looking to heal naturally. For example, when you cut yourself, the skin performs self-healing by creating a covering and letting new skin grow.

Sometimes we hold onto bad feelings, anxiety, trauma and we manifest them as physical injuries and mental/physical fatigue. Energy healing works by tapping into the things we have locked away in our bodies and releasing them safely and replacing the lost energy with a higher and more positive energy.

Ka Ba Sum uses seven layers of healing to help you get to the inner ‘you’ and clear energetic blockages that can hang with us for generations/incarnations. Old wounds can transmute, given the proper attention. The seven layers uses sacred geometry to create a healing chamber (through energy, symbols and a wall of sound) to allow the healing/releasing/transmuting of energy to take place. Find out more here

ealing at a Spiritual Fair, 2015


Healing through an energetic Octahedron- ‘Healing Chamber’

Its name originates from ancient Egypt (over 3000 years ago) and relates to core beliefs concerning aspects of the human soul (The ‘Ka’ and the ‘Ba’). There is a relative similarity to the Mer-Ka-Ba (an energetic field around your body) healing.

Medical Note:
Ka Ba Sum and any associated therapies should not be used as a replacement to seeking professional medical advice and using prescribed medication.  I am not a Doctor and do not offer any diagnosis to medical conditions. 

Bring back your power!

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