About Ka Ba Sum

What is Ka Ba Sum?

Ka BaSum Ankh with heart

Ka Ba Sum is an energy Therapy that originates from the old Egyptian beliefs concerning three aspects of the soul- The Ka, The Ba and the Akh.

Researchers have discovered, there are were five aspects of the human soul, according to the Egyptians –

  • Ib (Heart)
  • The Sheut (Shadow)
  • Ren (Name)
  • Ka (see below)
  • Ba (see below)

The Akh was considered separate to the human soul, akin to a spirit, or a subtle body, as in an extension of the self.

The Ka
Common herioglyph fo KA

Your Ka (vital essence) is similar in concept to life force/universal energy, Prana or Chi/Qi. It is your vital essence, you cannot live without it. The Egyptians saw Ka as a persons double, like a ghost or energy field moving with you. In some ways this is similar in the perception of the Aura- the energy field that surrounds the body that is quite widely accepted as existing.

The Ba

Ba flying over Body

BA represents a person’s individuality and power.

The Egyptians saw the Ba as manifesting as a physical being with its own wants and needs. In the age of the pyramids it was believed that only Kings possessed a Ba. You might perhaps relate to your Ba being your own power.

When you give your power away, you lose part of your Ba element.

The Akh

The Akh represented as a bird

The Akh is roughly described as your spirit when you die. In popular concept, this means your spirit that can roam between worlds and is what is often referred to as your soul. Your soul’s journey is enhanced into Akh, by having a reunited, balanced and prepared Ka and Ba.

Ka Ba Sum

Ka Ba Sum focuses on restoring your power and balancing it in relation to your life force. This is done through sound, clearing the aura (the field of energy that extends outside the body) and sending energy and golden light to different parts of the body and aura.
By doing this it is also send healing energy through your body, working on shifting ‘energetic’ blockages that can occur in your body. In that respect, Ka Ba Sum is similar to Reiki and other energy therapies.

What is my Power, exactly?

Your power is what keeps you being you, the ‘real’ you! It is the connection with you and the unconscious self, the sense of knowing who you are deep down and the conscious individual.

In society we often end up wearing many masks or putting up boundaries to keep ourselves safe. When we don’t, we can get lost in the shuffle, easily influenced by others and acceptant of things that are not serving us well. Your divine feminine power (we all need this) is awareness, unconditional love and acceptance. The strength is not measured in the physical sense as such but in the emotional, spiritual and mental capacities. Holding your power helps you to help yourself and serves others better too.

So why now bring back an ancient healing energy?

There has been lots of speculation as to what was supposed to happen for the “Armageddon” on 21 December 2012. Many people may have misunderstood what was meant by the Mayan’s “Armageddon”. We have bred a culture of fear, so naturally the immediate thought is one that the end of the world is coming- rather than the end of the world as we know it, time to change, time to grow.

In many forms of divination, the death card/symbol does not represent a physical death- more of a letting go of the old and bringing in the new. Very much like the annual cycle of seasons where the leaves die and fall away so new ones can grow and the old leaves can convert into something else. It’s regeneration. Ka Ba Sum is one of the new energies here with us now to help us shift our focus away from the current status quo (of fear and greed and control).

The time to begin to change is now, if you are ready, if you are open.

Ka Ba Sum (C) 2014 Phoenix Amethyst, All rights reserved.

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