Learning Ka Ba Sum One-to-One

Following the successful, enjoyable and exciting weekend of teaching and attuning others to Ka Ba Sum, I have, following feedback, decided to offer this course as a one-to-one, in your own home- Bristol, UK.


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One Week to go!

One week to go until the first Ka Ba Sum Practitioner course in Bristol – February 20-21


There’s still time to book, if you are interested in this course… please let me know!

kabasum.therapy@gmail.com | (+44) (0)775 872 4919 | facebook.com/kabasum

Time to learn Ka Ba Sum?


I’m running the first Ka Ba Sum Practitioner course in Bristol on 20-21 February 2015. It is a two-day course including the attunements to the Ka Ba Sum energy. Over the two days, there will be time to get used to using the seven-layers of the Inter-Dimensional Healing process. There is also a handbook to help you whilst learning the symbols and getting used to the energy.

See my courses page for more details 🙂